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More and more parents EXPECT to be able to monitor their child when they are at work.   
Why be left in the 20th century, get a Nannycam now! 
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Camera Demonstration


You can add a password to view the video.
You can change the password each and every day really easy. That way only the parents that dropped off their child on THAT day will that the current days password.

If the daycare doesn't have their own website that is ok too.  When you start the software you get a link to the video.  You can give this link out to the parents each day (the link rarely changes).     You can also LIST your webcam on our website.  Direct the parents to that website, and do a search on your cam. 

This is a demonstration camera.  This image does not necessarily represent the quality of the picture that may be broadcast from a particular childcare center or the image that is received on a subscriber's computer.  The broadcast will time out in approximately two minutes.  Simply press your web browser's "Refresh" button to begin again. 


NannyCam Interview on TV on KSTP channel 5

My name is Steve Cook and there was a KSTP channel 5 news report about Nanny's.   Please visit the following link to see this interview.   Click on the link labeled NannyCam Interview on TV 

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  • 1) Live Video of the daycare - secured by password that is changed each day 
  • 2) No monthly fees
  • 3) See samples at   
    (The ones that show up here were not put into password protected mode by the webcam/pc operator)
  • 4) MAKE MORE MONEY - charge a little extra to each day you give the password out
  • 5) More and more parents expect to be able to monitor their child when they are at work via the internet

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